Saturday, April 29, 2017

Eurovision 2017, the Kyiv Collection is on it's way

Netherlands - Og3ne sing Lights And Shadows. CD: We got this again, Acoustic version.
Greece - Demy - This Is Love, new version, Greek version, Album
Cyprus - Hovig - Gravity, listen to the 7th Heaven remix, promo update
Malta MESC songs available, Finally Faniello, new version, remixes, cdsingle, Italian versions
Slovenia - Omar Naber on his way to Kyiv again, updates (and all about his first Kyiv adventure Stop), Slovenian version
Estonia - Eesti Laul songs available, Koit & Laura to Verona, versions update, 12"inch, Italian version, Moontaxi remix, Laura's Greatest Hits CD
Iceland Songs available, digital album, Svala's Paper to Kyiv, Remixes out now
Let's Get Physical: CD, Vinyl releases in the shops, the official album on 4 Vinyl LP's!! cdsingles out now
Italy - Sanremo CD release, Italy goes ape about Francesco Gabbani. Vinile! Charts update, versions to come, cdsingle, ESC edit, Mispressed Vinyl. 100.000.000 tube-views
Spain - Manel Navarrro wins Objetivo Eurovision, M4N3L N4V4RR0, Acoustic, Urban remix, EP, cdsingle
Israel - Imri Ziv is Feeling Alive, listen to the remix
Switzerland - Follow Apollo with Timebelle, official version out now, listen to the remixes
Russia - Yulia Samoylova not to Kyiv to light a flame.
Romania - Listen to the remaining songs, Yodel It to Kyiv, remix
Lithuania - Rain Of Revolution for Kyiv, studio version released
Latvia - Supernova Songs available, Triana Park draws the Line, [Ex] Da Bass remixes out now
Belarus - Naviband to Kyiv, Album info, free (legal) downloads, new 'final' version, remix out now
Czech Republic - It's Martina Bárta's Turn, listen now, updates
Armenia - Come Fly with Artsvik, updates.
Macedonia - Jana Burceska Dancing Alone. new version update.
Germany - Levina's Perfect Life, cdsingle, remix out now, album on the way, updates
Georgia - Keeping the faith, Changes for Georgia
Austria - Nathan Trent is running on air, cdsingle
Montenegro - Slavko Kalezić in space, Listen, promo info
Portugal - Salvador Sobral wins Festival da Canção 2017, FDC album on CD in April.
United Kingdom Songs available, Lucie Jones to Kyiv, ESC version, Remixes out now
San Marino - Guess what, it's Valentina again. With Jimmie. And Ralph. Versions, remix release.
Australia - Isaiah Firebrace is the 3rd Australian Eurovision star cdsingle out on March 17.
Albania The world today with Lindita Halimi, Listen to historic FiKs, new version
Bulgaria - Kristian Kostov is a Beautiful Mess and the first Eurovision star born this century. Listen now
France - Alma's Requiem for France, new version
Serbia - Tijana Bogićević to Kyiv, In Too Deep, free download
Norway - MGP Songs available, JOWST wins MGP
Sweden - Melodifestivalen 2CD out now, Robin Bengtsson must go on
Poland - Februari 18, Kasia Moś to Kyiv, digital single
Azerbaijan - Diana Hajiyeva is a Skeleton, or so she claims
Ireland - Brendan Murray is Dying To Try
Belgium - City Lights for Blanche
Croatia - My Friend Jacques Houdek to Kyiv, listen, updates
Ukraine - Rockers O.Torvald celebrate diversity for sure...
Denmark - Listen to the MGP Songs, Anja Nissen wins
Moldova - Songs available, Sunstroke Project wins
Finland UMK songs available, Norma John’s Blackbird, update
Hungary - 2017 CD update, Pápai Joci wins A Dal
Absent Friends - We miss you

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