Saturday, February 25, 2017

Ukraine - Time - O Torvald

Digital release image
24 - 36 pts, not in semi 
Host country Ukraine was represented by rockband O. Torvald.
Time, written by the band themselves, was released as a digital single. (Best Music label)

There's no single or promo but O.Torvald have re-released their 2016 CD  #нашілюдивсюди (#nashilyudyvsyudy, #Ourpeopleeverywhere) with Time as an added track (Kvadro disk).
Available at UMKA.

On May 11 a Greatest Hits compilation was released. It includes Time and nine other songs.
So far only digital (Best Music).

Watch and listen here

24 songs competed in three rounds in the Ukrainian selection and the final was held on Februari 25.

CD #нашілюдивсюди
O.Torvald's current line up is:
Yevhen Halych (vocals, guitar)
Denys Myzyuk (guitar, vocals)
Oleksandr Solokha (drums)
Mykyta Vasylʹyev (bass) 
Mykola Rayda (keyboards, decks, piano)
Halych and Myzyuk are the only members that have been in the band since its inception in 2005. The band has released seven albums, the most recent being #нашілюдивсюди (#ourpeopleareeverywhere)

Time - ESC
- digital release, Kyiv 2CD
Time - Long version
- has been on the www. from the internet wildcard selection. 
Time - karaoke
- digital release (official karaoke album)

Greatest hits DRI

Links and sources
Thanks to Frank!
O. Torvald: WebsiteFacebook, Soundcloud
STB Eurovision pages 
Ukraine's recent entries: 19442014 2013 - 2012 - 2011 - 2010 - 2009

Moldova - Hey Mamma - Sunstroke Project

3 - 374 pts /2 - 291 pts in semi 1
Sunstroke Project won the Moldovan final with the song Hey Mamma.
Hey Mamma is written by the band themselves with Alina Galetskaya.

At Eurovision the Sunstroke boys delivered and gave the country their best ever result, improving by three places on their 2005 granny friendly debut entry Boonika Bate Toba which ended 6th.

Listen to the studio version here at Ragoza music's Youtube.
The song was been released on iTunes and other digital sources, along with a karaoke version. (see versions below)

May 22 sees another digital release now including a new version: The Anthony Waldhorn remix
Spotify is limited though, but you can listen at Anthony Waldhorns Soundcloud.

A promo CD is issued. It features 10 tracks including the Eurovision songs from 2017 and 2010.
Full tracklist below.

Digital release image
Sunstroke Project are:
Anton Ragoza - Violinist, composer
Sergey Stepanov - Epic Sax Guy
Sergey Ialovitsky – Vocal

Sunstroke Project with singer Olia Tira graced the Eurovision stage in 2010 with Run Away which made it to the final in Oslo and ended 22nd.
The Sax player caused a bit of a self-fullfilled internet hype as Epic Sax Guy and he kept the title ever since.

The 2010 page on Sunstroke Project with Olia Tira has been updated with the latest info, corrected links and all that. Please take a look at the Run Away versions and releases.

Hey Mamma - radio edit/Eurovision edit
- Kyiv 2CD
Hey Mamma - Anthony Waldhorn remix
- digital release
Hey Mamma - karaoke version (single track release)
- both digital releases
Hey Mamma - karaoke version (= instrumental)
- digital release (official karaoke album)

Sweden top 100: 20, 18, 33, 24, 30, 36, 39, 48, 64, 90, 99
Netherlands top 100: 70, -
Switzerland top 100: 55, -
France top 200: 56, -
Austria top 75: 27, -
Spain top 50: 34, -
Belgium top 50 (FL): 49, -

You can listen to all the songs from the Moldovan selection  here at TRM (new link)

2016 re-issue Run Away (digital)
O Melodie Pentru Europa
Sunstroke Projects Moldovan national selection entries:
2009 - No Crime (3rd)
2010 - Run Away (with Olia Tira, winner, 22nd in ESC)
2010 - Believe (didn’t proceed to semi)
2012 - Superman (with Olia Tira, didn’t proceed to semi)
2015 - Lonely (semi final, withdrawn)
2015 - Day after day (3rd)

Links and sources:
Sunstroke Project:Website, Facebook
Sunstroke Project at BeaRecords.
TRM Eurovision page
Sunstroke Project at the Oslo Collection
Moldova's Eurovision efforts: 20162015 2014 - 2013 - 2012 - 2011 - 2010 - 2009

Hey Mamma! Tracklist
1. Hey Mamma (Eurovision 2017)
2. Epic Sax (from the EP Don't Touch The Classics Vol.1.)
3. Day after day (2015 preselection)
4. Amor (2014 single)
5. Walking in the rain (2011 single)
6. Lonely (2015 preselection)
7. Not giving it up (2015 single)
8. Run away (Eurovision 2010)
9. Мария Хуана (Russian version of Maria Juana, 2016 single)
10. Home (2016 single)

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Hungary - Origo - Pápai Joci

Eurovision version DRI
8 - 200 pts /2 -231 pts in semi 2
The Hungarian entry for Kyiv is Origo by Joci Pápai (Pápai Joci)
Pápai (József Pápai) won the 6 night Hungarian selection A Dal 2017.
The song, in Hungarian with a small part in Romani, is written by Pápai himself.

Origo was released as a digital single in January and can also be found (in a slightly shorter edit) on the A Dal 2017 2CD (see below).
A third version is the Eurovision version that can be found on the Kyiv 2CD.

A promotional USB stick has been issued. It includes info but no music (!).

Five remixes of Origo were released on June 2. (digital release, see versions below)

USB, pic from e-bay
All songs from the Hungarian selection A Dal have been released on the CD A Dal 2017 - A Legjobb 30.
(MG Records/Trimedio 5999542818493)
Availabe at BeaRecords, tracklist below

Origo - Eurovision version
- digital release, Kyiv 2CD
Origo - A Dal edit
- 2CD A Dal 2017
Origo - single version
- digital release
Origo - Instrumental
- digital release
Origo - karaoke
- digital release (official karaoke album)
Remixes DRI
Origo - Disco's hit extended remix
Origo - My dirty house remix
Origo - Peter Jabin remix
Origo - Bahlzak's soundtrack
Origo - Disco's hit remix edit
- remixes are digital releases

Sweden top 100: 97
Switzerland top 100: 70

Digital release image single version
Links and sources:
Thanks to Krzysztof, to Nigel and to Frank.
Pápai Joci: Facebook
A Dal at Mediaklikk (also has soundclips)
A Dal CD at BeaRecords
More Hungarian entries 2016 - 2015 - 2014 - 2013 2012 - 2011 - 2009

A Dal 2017 A Legjobb 30 CD tracklist
1. Mujahid Zoltán - On My Own
2. Peet Project - Kill Your Monster
3. Szabó Ádám - Together
4. Fedor Kyra - Got To Be A Day
5. Pápai Joci - Origo
6. Sapszon Orsi - Hunyd Le Szemed
7. Spoon 21 - Deák
8. Totova & Freddie Shuman Ft. Lotfi Begi - Hosszú Idők
9. Zävodi + Berkes Olivér - #Háttérzaj
10. The Couple - Vége Van
11. Soulwave - Kalandor
12. Radics Gigi - See It Through
13. Pál Benjamin - Fathers Eyes
14. Tóth Andi - Ive Got A Fire
15. Peter Kovary & The Royal Rebels - Its A Riot

Cd 2
1. Muri Enikő - Jericho
2. Mrs Columbo - Frozen King
3. Kanizsa Gina - Fall Like Rain
4. The Wings - Mint A Hurrikán
5. Singh Viki - Rain
6. Leander Kills - Élet
7. Csondor Kata - Create
8. Benji - Karcok
9. Chase - Dust In The Wind
10. Calidora - Glory
11. Henderson David - White Shadows
12. Roma Soul - Nyitva A Ház
13. Rocktenors - Ősz
14. Annaelza Feat. Kása Juli - Jártam
15. Kállay Saunders Band - 17

Friday, February 17, 2017

Croatia - My friend - Jacques Houdek

Digital release image
13 - 128 pts /8 - 141 pts in semi 2
HRT, the Croatian broadcaster, decided to send Jacques Houdek to the 2017 contest.
The song My Friend, written by Jacques Houdek, Tony Roberth Malm, Siniša Reljić, Arjana Kunštek, Fabrizio Laucella and Ines Prajo can be heard here on Houdeks Youtube.
In an interesting move, the song was published first in its instrumental version. Listen here at Houdeks new Youtube channel.

My Friend may sound like a duet, but it's Houdek singing both the pop and classical voices. Not an easy feat to pull off live.

My Friend is released as a digital single, the instrumental and karaoke versions are also available.
A remix and acoustic version are shared on Jacques Houdek's Youtube channel

A USB stick was used for promotion in Kyiv. It includes audio's of all (4) versions (at 192 kb only), video's of all versions, photos, lyrics and bios.
A 1-track radio promo cds has been sighted at auction sites but it is a highly questionable item that's not worth spending any money on. (a.k.a. a probable fake)

My Friend - original in English and Italian
- Kyiv 2CD
My Friend - Instrumental
My Friend - Karaoke
- all digital releases
The instrumental has the vocal parts performed by a violin, the karaoke is an instrumental without any vocals.
My Friend - Remix
- youtube clip
My Friend - Acoustic
- youtube clip

DORA veteran
Jacques Houdek (born Željko Houdek) participated on many occasions in the Croatian selection (DORA):
2002 Carolija (Magic,12th)
2003 Na krilima ljubavi (On the wings of love, 5th)
2004 Nema razloga (No reason, 4th)
2005 Nepobjediva (Invincible, 4th)
2006 Umrijeti s osmjehom (To die with a smile, 15th)
2011 Two singers with each the same three songs: Još ima nas (We still have us), Stotinama godina (For hundreds of years) and Lahor (Breeze) were performed by Houdek and by Daria Kinzer. In the end Lahor was the winning song and Daria’s the winning performance. Lahor became Celebrate and stranded in the first semi-final in Düsseldorf.

Links and sources
Thanks to Nigel!
Jacques Houdek: Website,  Facebook
Croatia's recent entries are here: 20162013 - 2012 - 2011 - 2010 - 2009
Croatia's Lighthouse made it to the final last year, will they do even better this year?